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    Ashish Agnihotri Guest

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    Hi guys ,<BR><BR>I am working on a project which requires me to customize an application <BR>which we have developed using IIS/ASP/Site Server 3.0 and MS SQL 7.0 to <BR>Oracle database. <BR><BR>I want clarification on following : <BR><BR>a ) Is it true that only Orcle ver 8 is compatible with Site Server 3.0 <BR> ( i.e it is not compatible with Oracle 8i). <BR><BR>b ) Are there any compatibility problem with ADO&#039s and Oracle... any thing <BR>which one needs to look in particulary. <BR><BR>c ) Which driver should be used MS ODBC for Orcle or Oracle&#039s ODBC driver ? <BR> if so which version ? <BR><BR>thanks in advance for help <BR><BR>rgds <BR>ashish <BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>

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    Mark Guest

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    The following are my experiences with using ADO on Oracle databases. I invite other responses....<BR><BR>Most of my ADO connections to Oracle databses are made via ODBC using Microsoft&#039s ODBC Driver for Oracle (V2.573).<BR><BR>I have had problems using the Oracle ODBC Driver (V2.0). I believe that the Oracle ODBC Driver (V2.0) serializes all activities at the connection level which is very bad for web type applications. It appears that Oracle&#039s ODBC Driver was not designed with a web-type interface. Perhaps a newer Oracle ODBC Driver may solve this problem. To date, I am unable to obtain a newer Oracle ODBC Driver; hence, most web connections are made using Microsoft&#039s ODBC Driver for Oracle (V2.573).<BR><BR>For simple SQL SELECT statements, I have also used Microsoft&#039s OLE DB Provider for Oracle (MSDAORA), rather than using an ODBC Driver. Unfortunately, this Provider only supports ForwardOnly cursors; it does not support Static Cursors. Without support for Static Cursors, you can not freely move in a recordset. Also, a Static cursor is required to support the RecordCount method of recordsets. So, if you want to count the size of your recorde set using rs.RecordCount method, you can not use Microsoft&#039s Provider for Oracle (MSDAORA); you must either use an ODBC Driver (prferably Microsoft&#039s version), or use Oracle&#039s OLE DB Provider (OraOLEDB.Oracle). <BR><BR>I understand that Oracle&#039s OLE DB Provider (OraOLEDB.Oracle) will support both ForwardOnly and Static Cursors. I know that a beta version of this Provider is avialable (I have not yrt tried it). You may want to check to see if a final version of this Provider is available.<BR><BR>Benchmark studies of ODBC Drivers vs. OLE DB Providers consistantly demostrate that an OLE DB Provider is 8-10 times faster than using an ODBC Driver. So, your best long term solution is to use an OLE DB Provider, not and ODBC Driver (that is or course you can find a workable Provider). <BR><BR>

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