The following code reads an xml file into a data set and converts it into a session variable in C#. My question is how would I do this using an MSAccess database instead of an xml document?<BR><BR>/************************************************** *********<BR>protected DataSet LoadMyCalendarData()<BR>{<BR> string sourceXml = Server.MapPath("calendar.xml");<BR> if (!(File.Exists(sourceXml)))<BR> {<BR> return null;<BR> }<BR> DataSet cachedDataSet = (DataSet)Session["MyCalendarData"];<BR> DataSet dataSet = new DataSet();<BR> try<BR> {<BR> dataSet.ReadXml(sourceXml);<BR> Session["MyCalendarData"] = dataSet;<BR> }<BR> catch (Exception e)<BR> {<BR> SelectedDate.Text=e.Message;<BR> dataSet = null;<BR> }<BR> return dataSet;<BR>}<BR>********************************* **************************/