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    Default popup window

    i want to show mini window when click find icon, i created using javascript in clientside if i using webforms(controls) it won&#039;t work and javascript show errs<BR><BR>i want show mini window using asp.net and it has to return value back to main window<BR><BR>pls help me URGENT<BR><BR>THANKS IN ADVANCE

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    Default you have to use javascript

    as thats it the only way to popup a window on the client&#039;s browser<BR><BR>you say you get errors and this and that, yet dont show one single character of what you did wrong (and there is for sure something wrong with your code as what you are trying to do is very very do-able)<BR><BR>"Help its urgent!!" and not providing jack squat for people to help you is kinda silly to post... useless acutally

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