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Thread: Bill, only if I could call on you one more time

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    Default Bill, only if I could call on you one more time

    I have finally received the segment database from the vendor.<BR><BR>A lot of stuff are pretty easy to fix but there are some changes I am having problem with.<BR><BR>For instance, things are almost the same.<BR><BR>The first page dynamically retrieves records from the database and populates a dropdown listbox.<BR><BR>Once a street name is selected, systemID is automatically populated into an input textbox.<BR><BR>That stays the same. Only things that changed are the names.<BR><BR>So instead of full_name, it is now called rt_name.<BR>Similarly, instead of systemID, it is now called route_id.<BR><BR>So the entire code for page 1 is the same.<BR><BR>On page2, the one you just fixed up for me a couple of days ago, instead of this:<BR><BR><BR>systemID = 105014<BR>it will be routeID = 105014.<BR><BR><BR>Then instead of this query, <BR><BR>Set rs = DBConn.Execute("SELECT Full_Name, geo_oid, from_L, To_l FROM<BR>cline.dbf where system_ID =" & SystemID & " order by geo_oid asc")<BR><BR>It should be: <BR><BR>Set rs = DBConn.Execute("SELECT segment.route_name,segment.to_name, segment.from_name, segment.To_name FROM<BR>cline.dbf where street.route_ID = segment.route_ID and segment.route_ID =" & routeID & " order by to_name asc")<BR><BR><BR>Now notice a few changes on the secong query.<BR><BR>1, there are now 2 dbf files.<BR><BR>One is called street representing original cline.dbf file while the second one,<BR>segment is houses all segment_Names<BR><BR>Second, and this is one of the areas I am struggling, on form fields called<BR>Starts and Ends, instead of geo_oid, it is now to_name.<BR><BR>For instance, if route_id(system_ID) is 29999 and there are 4 to_names (geo_oid) associated with it,<BR>instead of reading:<BR>Starts: 30393 Ends: 30396, it would now read:<BR>Starts: Brady Avenue Ends: Howel Rd.<BR>This is done by saying instead of:<BR><BR>system_ID geo_oid <BR>29999 30393<BR>29999 30394<BR>29999 30395<BR>29999 30396<BR><BR>It would say:<BR><BR>system_ID to_name <BR>29999 Brady Rd<BR>29999 Canton Dr<BR>29999 martin St<BR>29999 Howel<BR><BR>Notice also that the names are not necessarily in sequential order.<BR><BR>The order is driven by the route_id (geo_oid) which is alphabetical.<BR><BR>How will change my code to make it work as the code you sent below is intended to do?<BR><BR><BR>Also, their specific instruction is even though we are interested in inventorying the fields on the form,<BR>engineers now want to ensure that all the fields on the segment table(<BR>route_id, from_recno, to_recno, route_name, from_name, to_name, from_meas, to_meas be inserted into our database.<BR><BR>I am not sure what needs to change here.<BR><BR>Besides, I am very sure everything else here will change.<BR><BR>including this bit below.<BR><BR>Bill, if I have to pay some fee to have it help me one more time, I will be willing to as long as I can afford it.<BR><BR>Please bell me just one more time, please.<BR><BR>I am willing to send the 2 new database files.<BR><BR>&#039; Assign symbolic names to the columns in that array<BR>CONST COL_NAME = 0<BR>CONST COL_BLKID = 1<BR>CONST COL_FromTo = 2<BR>CONST COL_To = 3<BR>

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    Default emailed you...

    But to me it&#039;s obvious that it will *not* be "one more time". Too many unresolved issues. More likely 2 or 3 or 4 more times.<BR><BR>

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