HI, <BR><BR>In my page Shipt.aspx I have an hyperlink with the following request.QueryString: <BR><BR>NavigateUrl="containers.aspx?Trade=NEUR" <BR><BR>This passes the value NEUR in a label in the container.aspx page. <BR><BR>However there is a problem that I can&#039;t solve: <BR><BR>In my page Shipt.aspx I have an opaque control panel that hides some information, this panel only exists in the Shpt.aspx page. <BR><BR>However,after hiting the hyperlink,the request.QueryString fires passes the "NEUR&#039; value in a label in the requested page (Container.aspx), but the opaque control panel still persits in this requested page where it should not exist.<BR><BR>If I do not use the request.QueryString in my NavigateUrl, the control does not appear in the container.aspx page, which is fine. <BR><BR>How to make sure that the control does not persit in the requested page and only passes the value and nothing elese? <BR><BR>slts. <BR>