Hello,<BR>I set up an email form, it works fine, with the exception of the attachments. It sends the email but not the attachment, when i remove the try catch i get the following error. Ill post the code below the error.<BR><BR>ERROR:<BR>Invalid mail attachment &#039;C:Documents and SettingssmariscalMy DocumentsOliverGonzalez.doc&#039; <BR><BR>CODE:<BR>Sub btnSend_Click_1(sender As Object, e As EventArgs)<BR> Dim objMail As New MailMessage<BR> Dim objConn As SmtpMail<BR> Dim objAttach As MailAttachment<BR> dim postedFile = txtAttachment.PostedFile<BR> Dim strPath As String = ""<BR><BR><BR> Try<BR> strPath = Path.GetFullpath(postedFile.FileName)<BR> Catch<BR> End Try<BR> &#039;response.write(strPath)<BR> &#039;response.write(mappath("4.doc"))<BR><BR> objMail.From = txtFrom.Text<BR> objMail.To = txtTo.Text<BR> objMail.Subject = txtSubject.Text<BR> objMail.Body = txtMessage.Text<BR> If ddlPriority.SelectedItem.Text = "Low" Then<BR> objMail.Priority = MailPriority.Low<BR> ElseIf ddlPriority.SelectedItem.Text = "Normal" Then<BR> objMail.Priority = MailPriority.Normal<BR> Else<BR> objMail.Priority = MailPriority.High<BR> End If<BR> objMail.Cc = txtCC.Text<BR> objMail.Bcc = TxtBCC.Text<BR><BR><BR> Try<BR> objAttach = New MailAttachment(strPath)<BR> objMail.Attachments.Add(objAttach)<BR> Catch<BR><BR> End Try<BR><BR><BR> objConn.Send(objMail)<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>THank you,<BR>