Hi,<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the Main Problem:<BR>I have to export different datagrids (which I am showing in Tabstrip on ASP.net page) to a excel workbook, in which each datagrid contents should go to a different worksheet or spreadsheet of the same workbook and has to be downloaded to the client PC.<BR><BR>Here are some of my partial solutions:<BR>1) I was successful in exporting datagrids to a single worksheet and be able to have it downloaded to client specified location. But I am not able to control the export to different worksheets. <BR><BR>2) In another solution, I was able to save to excel workbook with multiple worksheets in HTML format on the server. By saving in HTML format, the main workbook creates a subfolder and references the worksheets from that subfolder. But I am not able to have it downloaded to the client specified location in native XLS format.<BR><BR>Any improvisations or help on my current partial solutions or even a new solution would be appreciated. <BR><BR>Thanks a lot!!<BR>Sridhar