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    I&#039m running Site Server and giving me a can&#039t create object error: Server object error &#039ASP 0177 : c0000005&#039 Server.CreateObject Failed /search/Search.asp, line 203 c0000005 That lineis set Q = Server.CreateObject("MSSearch.Query") Search was working on 3 servers and then another one stopped today. Not even the sample search pages<BR>work. Any ideas?<BR>thanks ,shay<BR>

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    A c0000005 error is a memory access violation. Typically,<BR>it means that some pointer is pointing at location zero<BR>in memory (or some other invalid address).<BR><BR>It basically means you are hosed. Something in the underlying<BR>C/C++ code of either VBScript or OLE or the object being<BR>created has gone off the deep end. *SOMETHING* has stomped<BR>on one of your DLLs. But you don&#039t really have any way<BR>of figuring out which DLL. Sigh.<BR><BR>Well, maybe you do...<BR><BR>Do *other* Server.CreateObject calls work? Such as<BR> Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary")<BR>?? If so, then the problem is *almost* surely not in either<BR>VBScript or in the OLE code. <BR><BR>If so, I would *bet* that the problem is in the site server<BR>DLL. If possible, wipe out its DLL and reinstall it. <BR><BR>

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