Why use ASP if you can use CGI?

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Thread: Why use ASP if you can use CGI?

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    Daniel Guest

    Default Why use ASP if you can use CGI?

    I&#039m new to all of this. What is better to use for an application program. CGI or ASP and what are the reasons for this?

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    Dave2000 Guest

    Default RE: Why use ASP if you can use CGI?

    I guess it depends on what type of platform you are developing on. CGI was originally used for UNIX based platforms and ASP was meant for the NT/IIS platform. Now they are more portable. Using a 3rd party software like Chilisoft you can use ASP on a UNIX server. CGI is usable on both NT and UNIX but if you are used to working with Unix systems CGI would be your best option. One advantage that ASP has over CGI is that it isn&#039t clunky or a resource hog. Everytime you call a CGI app your server has to create another session of that program thus using more system resources. ASP doesn&#039t do that. Once the app is lauched it is kept in memory so therfore it doesn&#039t eat up your resources. If you are developing a large site that will have a lot of concurrent users this would be critical. I like using ASP just b/c of it&#039s ease of use since I&#039m more of an NT guy than UNIX.

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