I have a tough one i just can&#039t seem to get to work.<BR>is it possible to do the following....<BR>Access Database<BR>I have a query that has a criteria in it which has a numbered value. like this.... WHERE ((([main].[page])=1))<BR>I would like to change that criteria # once a week by adding 1 to it according to the current date.<BR><BR>So i.e. if date is April 7 to 14th number =1<BR> if date is April 15 to 22nd number =2<BR>Etc. etc.<BR>I&#039ve tried making a string but couldnt get it to work for me. I don&#039t understand it enough yet to know where to put it or if it even would work right.<BR>Any input or coding help will be greatly appreciated<BR>Thanks<BR>Danny<BR><BR>