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    I have a link button, in the event , I have this:<BR><BR> Dim script As String = String.Format _<BR> (";ViewAttachment.aspx?ID=&#03 9; + escape(document.forms[0][&#039;{0}&#039;][document.forms[0][&#039;{0}&#039;].selectedIndex].value),&#039;mywindow&#039;)", ddlAttach.UniqueID)<BR> MyLinkButton.Attributes("onclick") = script<BR><BR> If I click once, the page wont open. I have to click TWICE why??<BR><BR>Now,if I have a hyperLink, clicking ONCE works once..same code!

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    Because you&#039;re not putting the attribute in until you hit the click event. On initial load, that attribute isn&#039;t in the button. Try putting that code in the page load.

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