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    Hi, <BR>Not sure if I have posted in the form, but please help.. <BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to run the below query in my Windows form application and the db is sql server. <BR>This query computes the sum of the incidents per center and displays the sum. <BR>The sum is displaying below the CENTER, UNIT, INCIDENTS in the Query Analyzer. <BR>But when this query is run from the code, it does not display the sum at all. Also most of the later o/p rows in the CENTER, UNIT, INCIDENTS are also not displayed. <BR>Why is this happening..?? <BR>This is the query: <BR><BR><BR>SELECT CENTER, UNIT, INCIDENTS <BR>FROM BILLABLE_COUNT_QUERY <BR>ORDER BY CENTER, UNIT <BR>COMPUTE SUM(INCIDENTS) BY CENTER;

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