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    Hello, hope that anyone can help me with this question:<BR><BR>In my database I&#039;ve got a field "number" width the following 2 examples of data: <BR>1) 2.38<BR>2) 5.71<BR><BR>In my code, I&#039;ve got:<BR><BR>Response.Write cint(RSExample.Fields("number").Value)<BR><BR>This is the result for above examples:<BR>1) 2.00<BR>2) 6.00<BR><BR>But I need to have 5.00 in the second example in place of 6.00<BR><BR>How can I do this? <BR><BR><BR>Already thanks. Kenneth.

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    Default I think you're after Fix(). See....

    ...the documentation here:<BR><BR>Oliver.

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