Hello, I am sooooo close to developing an app I want for our company and the missing tool is automated email. <BR><BR>Here&#039s the deal.<BR><BR>A.) I downloaded WSH in my windows 98 and it just sits there, does nothing, and I can&#039t read the important files. Forget that<BR><BR>B.) I do NOT have our domain on a dedicated server yet, it&#039s with joe blow hosting...but they have cdonts<BR><BR>Ok, if my life depended on it, how can I just have my dumb asp pages send email to a recepient/database at the time I tell it to do so? Can this be done or not?<BR><BR>NO website offers help on this yet I can tell you right now our/your clients would LOVE this and it makes no sense to me as to why nobody would offer a resource as it would be one of the greater tools of asp...think about it...it completes the puzzle for complete online automation for a business.<BR><BR>So, how do I use my asp page with cdonts to execute *timed/scheduled* email. No need for articles at 4 guys on Cdonts, no need to read the microsoft scripting host site as mine just sits there and gives me the finger.<BR><BR>You guys have been a great help. But I need to know if it&#039s even possible or if I am wasting my time and need to go back to GD unix, (oh, god no)...unix uses CRON...but it&#039s for the superuser to do<BR><BR>Ok, I&#039m gone...can I do it in my situation? If so, how?<BR><BR>Thanks a ton for your time.