I have a data table that has been changed, & I want to copy those changes back to my database. I think that I need something else just before I call the "update" method, but I don&#039;t know what. Would you, please, look over the code below & tell me what I need?<BR><BR>Sub UpdatePriorities (strServiceType As String, _<BR> strEmail As String, _<BR> strPassword As String, _<BR> arrPriorityNo As ArrayList, _<BR> arrTraitNo As ArrayList)<BR>&#039;Update tbl_priorities<BR><BR> Dim dstCompatibility as System.Data.DataSet, _<BR> conCompatibility as System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection, _<BR> dadCompatibility as System.Data.OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter, _<BR> dtblPriorities as System.Data.DataTable, _<BR> drowPriority as System.Data.DataRow, _<BR> strSQL as String, _<BR> strConnection as String, _<BR> intKnt as Integer<BR><BR> Dim connectionString as String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; " _<BR> & "Ole DB Services=-4; Data Source=C:My ASPNet Web SiteCompatibility.mdb"<BR> dstCompatibility = New System.Data.DataSet()<BR> conCompatibility = New System.Data.OleDb.OleDbConnection(connectionString )<BR><BR> &#039;Get previously-set priorities from database<BR> strSQL = "SELECT priority_no, trait_no FROM tbl_priorities WHERE " _<BR> & "service_type=""" & strServiceType & """ AND email=""" & strEmail _<BR> & """ AND password=""" & strPassword & """"<BR> dadCompatibility = New System.Data.OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter(strSQL,conCompa tibility)<BR> conCompatibility.Open()<BR> dadCompatibility.Fill(dstCompatibility, "Priorities")<BR> conCompatibility.Close()<BR><BR> dtblPriorities = dstCompatibility.Tables("Priorities")<BR><BR> &#039;Compare new set of priorities to old & update where necessary<BR> For intKnt = 0 To arrPriorityNo.Count - 1<BR> drowPriority = dtblPriorities.Rows(intKnt)<BR> If drowPriority ("trait_no") &#060;&#062; arrTraitNo (intKnt) Then<BR> drowPriority ("trait_no") &#060;&#062; arrTraitNo (intKnt)<BR> End If<BR> Next intKnt<BR><BR> &#039;Update database<BR> dadCompatibility.Update (dstCompatibility, "Priorities")<BR>End Sub <BR>