using string reader to load a dataset??

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Thread: using string reader to load a dataset??

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    Default using string reader to load a dataset??

    I am building an xml string from multiple xml streams. I then use the following to get it into a datagrid <BR><BR> &#039; Load the string into a document <BR> xmlDoc1.LoadXml(xmlStr) <BR><BR> &#039; use it as the source for my datagrid and bind it <BR><BR> dgResult.DataSource = xmlDoc1.SelectNodes("Document/Records/Record") <BR> dgResult.DataBind() <BR><BR>I want to use paging without calling my source again so I want to put the string into a dataset <BR>and use different views for paging and row colors. THE PROBLEM IS: <BR><BR>I use the following code and I get nothing in my datagrid. I don&#039;t know what I am doing wrong? <BR><BR>Dim rdr As New StringReader(xmlStr) <BR><BR><BR> &#039;Stuff XML into a DataSet <BR> ds.ReadXml(rdr) <BR><BR> &#039;Bind DataGrid to show what was in the XML string <BR> dgResult.DataSource = ds <BR> dgResult.DataBind() <BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated<BR><BR>

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    Default Does it work..

    .. for only a single XML stream?

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