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    I am bulding a survey where the respondent has to rate around 60 pics.There is a 3 page of introduction. I want to start loading the pics to the respondent&#039;s computer when he is going through the introduction. <BR>THe jscript that I found pre loading, loads all the pics and then displays the page.Thats not what I want to do...I want to keep loading pics until the user clicks on the next page and then start loading again from where it was left. <BR>Do you have any idea how to do that? <BR>thanks <BR>cengo

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    You can try disable browser caching in the meta tags of your instruction pages, then have each image set to a zero width and height at the bottom of the page. But it&#039;s not very practical... I am not aware of any way of doing this in ASP since then you would be asking the server to do something that is actually required client-side.

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