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Thread: Populate multiple dropdowns without postback?

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    Default Populate multiple dropdowns without postback?

    Hi, I have a webform with four dropdown lists, each of which (apart from the first one obviously) must be populated after a choice is made in the one before it. <BR><BR>I want to avoid postbacks as much as possible as this isn&#039;t pleasant for the user (at least not 3 times in a row) - is there a technique (involving <BR>a dataset with multiple tables I would guess) that will allow me to do this without postback? <BR><BR>Example of what I mean:<BR><BR>User chooses "Europe" in first dropdown, and second list instantly only contains countries in Europe, user chooses England, and third list instantly lists only cities in England etc<BR><BR>The dropdowns are of course related at the database end - as I understand it a dataset can contain related tables?<BR><BR>This must be a common requirement, but my searches so far have turned up very little!<BR><BR>Thanks for any help :)

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    Default well DataSets aren't the answer

    since to access them, its a server side thing (requiring a postback to do so)<BR><BR>you&#039;ll have to look into a client side scripting (read: javascript) to avoid a round trip to the server<BR><BR>

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