Hi there,<BR>I have a form that has 2 dropdown boxes on it for State_province and Country. I can build the box fine but the problem is that there are spaces in the data. eg.(American Samoa) When I submit the form it only reads the data up until the first space. I know of this problem with querystrings. Can&#039t miss that one. But I have been able to pass form data with spaces before. I am a beginner so I don&#039t know. Spaces in a database are something to be avoided yes? Or is there something I am missing. Do I have to eliminate the spaces or put underscores in or something. That surely will deminish the look of the dropdown. Any suggestions? Do I need a bit of code to acknowledge the spaces?<BR><BR>Grumbling <BR>Grim Determination<BR>http://www.eliteleagues.com