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Thread: Need help and getting no response with adding cont

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    I&#039;ve made a posting but dont seem to be getting any thoughts and I am getting desperate beyond words now. I&#039;ve got to compile an entire .net page and return it as a string as part of a Web Service . The problem I have is that I need to add WebControls and functionality to the page so that not only the html content and images are displayed (which I&#039;ve managed) but that textboxes, labels, buttons and datasets can be displayed also. Code is currently built as follows into a string:<BR><BR>strOpenHTML &= "&#060;table width=""98%"" height=""98%"" border=""0"" align=""center"" cellpadding=""0"" cellspacing=""0""&#062;"<BR>strOpenHTML &= " &#060;tr&#062;"<BR>strOpenHTML &= " &#060;td align=""center"" valign=""middle""&#062;"<BR>strOpenHTML &= " &#060;table width=""740"" height=""400"" border=""0"" cellpadding=""0"" cellspacing=""0"" bgcolor=""#CCFFFF"" style=""border:1px #000000 solid;""&#062;"<BR>strOpenHTML &= " &#060;tr&#062;"<BR><BR>etc.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve tried to declare an html form tag and adding it as a control:<BR>Dim frmForm As HTMLForm<BR>frmForm.ID = "myForm"<BR>Controls.Add(frmForm)<BR><BR>but I&#039;m not having any joy. Is there a way around this or will I have to add html elements as html? Is there any way I can add functionality to the form without having it in my calling page i.e. click the button to invoke Method X on the server?<BR><BR>PLEASE can someone offer some thoughts! I&#039;m going completely mad looking for info on this!<BR><BR>Lloyd

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    I&#039;m not an expert or anything so, i dont know the answer. If noone else responds, then go to <BR><BR><BR><BR>they might be able to help.

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