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    I am trying to write an ASP.NET wizard which consists of 3 pages (only one page which submits to itself). Could someone please direct me to an example (vb) that may exist or push me in the right direction. I know i can do this using panels, i.e. making then visible/invisible but i&#039;m not sure how to carry the form data through each section.<BR>Thanks

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    Have a look at: Listing 4.7 - PanelMultiPage.aspx<BR><BR>http://www.superexpert.com/default.aspx?id=100<BR><BR>It has an example of a multipage form in vb.net. The beauty of Panels is that the form data is held in viewstate so no matter what page you are on you can refer to the fields by name ie TxtTextbox.text <BR><BR>

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