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    Can you help me on how to test Internet Bandwidth line speed? I need the ASP code so that it will be helpful to use in my development.

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    Default I don't have code, but in...

    ...principle you write an ASP page that stores the time in a variable, then sends a large amount of data, such as a GIF or JPEG file to the client and then takes the time again. You can then get a rough number for the bandwidth by dividing the size of the data by the difference of start and end time, i.e.:<BR><BR>Start: 12:00:10<BR>End: 12:00:50<BR>Data: 4,000,000 bytes<BR><BR>Bandwidth = 4,000,000 bytes / 40 seconds = 100,000 bytes/s = 100 kB/s<BR><BR>This is only a rough figure, because there is overhead in the TCP/IP protocol, etc., so the actual amount of data sent to the client is larger than the data your ASP file sent.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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