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    I have textbox with readonly property in my ASP page and next to that I have a hyperlink to open up calendar.html. one if the user select a date from the calender say 12th october 2004 then 12-Oct-04 will be populated in the textbox.<BR><BR>What I am struggling to do is that When the user selects a date say 12-Oct-04 tne 9-Oct-04 should be populated in the other textbox which is below that.<BR><BR>Please help

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    Default Two threads on same subject...

    ...were just below your post. Didn&#039;t you read any of the post titles?<BR><BR><BR><BR>Of course, I am *guessing* that this is what you want: An ability to subtract 3 days from the user&#039;s choice of date.<BR><BR>

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