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    YOUR RESPONSE:<BR><BR>I am new to .net. <BR><BR>I want to create an Project in I know how to create in local host. But I am trying to create in a folder. I have virtual directory for that folder.<BR><BR>For Example: I want my application should be D:/temp folder not in localhost.<BR><BR>Http://temp /WebApplication1 this will create a project in C:Inetpubwwwroot empwebapplication1 I want to avoid in inetpub. <BR> <BR>

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    Default you don't understand what is going on

    Look at what you are doing:<BR>creating a project, and Studio is going to create a project in a virtual directory off the root website<BR><BR>with that said, let studio create it where it wants, then move the files to "D:/temp" (why in the world would you put it there anyways?)<BR><BR>also, what is "YOUR RESPONSE:" all about.... thats not needed

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