I am trying to validate a phone number entry on a form to be (xxx)xxx-xxxx.<BR><BR>I am doing something wrong, because it is not paying attention to the (), but only cares about the dashes. It does not even care how many digits it is right now! Can someone help me see what I have incorrect?<BR><BR>TIA<BR><BR>
function checkContactPhone (fieldValue)<BR>		{<BR>			var error = "";<BR>			if (fieldValue == "")<BR>			{<BR>				error = "A contact phone number must be provided.
";<BR>			}<BR>			else<BR>			{<BR>				var phoneValid=/(((d{3}) ?)&#124(d{3}-))?d{3}-d{4}/;<BR>				if (!(phoneValid.test(fieldValue)))<BR>				{<BR>					error = "Please enter a valid phone number in the form (xxx)xxx-xxxx. 
";<BR>				}<BR>			}<BR>			return error;<BR>		}