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    Here&#039;s my project: I am creating a time sheet ASP page(multiple pages)<BR>Where users get to select the date (Example: 1/10/2004 - 1/30/2004)<BR>The page would dynamicly create the input for those date. <BR><BR>DATE FIRST LAST START MEAL MEALEND STARTEND<BR> <BR>Then after submit it goes to a PREVIEW PAGE, the preview<BR>page put the data into hidden input.<BR><BR> DATE FIRST LAST START MEAL MEALEND STARTEND<BR> 1/10/2004 John Doe 8:00 8:30 9:00 2:00<BR> 1/11/2004 John Doe 8:00 8:30 9:00 3:00<BR> 1/12/2004 John Doe 8:20 8:30 9:00 2:00<BR> 1/13/2004 John Doe 8:00 8:30 9:00 5:00<BR><BR>Then from the PREVIEW PAGE it goes into a submit ASP page, which<BR>loop to get the hidden input and then <BR>insert all the data into the ORACLE DATABASE USING the loop<BR><BR>When One user input, it works perefectly.<BR>The Problem is when multiple user are inputted.<BR>The data one user inputting is changing the value <BR>for the other user. How would I lock the value or is there <BR>a way to declare it is unique for that user only?<BR>I&#039;m only declaring it as DIM on each page. A reason I <BR>think the problem is because it is on the Company Intranet.<BR>Please help. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.<BR>I have been working on this project for way too long.<BR>THANKS FOR READING THIS LONG POST.

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