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    Default Cookie not accessible in some pages

    A logged in userid is stored in a cookie in loginPage.asp, which brings up MenuPage.asp. When a menu option is clicked here, MainPage.asp is called where I am trying to access the cookie(userid). If the cookie is available I am processing further else redirecting to the loginPage.asp. The problem is when I am accessing the cookie in MainPage.asp it is not available, as a result of which, it redirects to loginPage.asp, where I am able to access the cookie. Why is the cookie unavailable in MainPage.asp.Frames are used.The code is in Production and is working fine.

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    Default Cookies can be set to... valid for only a certain domain or only a certain sub-folder, so maybe the page where the cookie is set sits on a different domain and/or sub-folder. Can you post the code where you set the cookie? Just the lines that create it and set its values.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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