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    Here is my problem, I have a HTML 2 dimensional table 8x2 created. Each cell of each row must be processed together. So<BR>we only have 8 rows with 2 cells each. This data must be inserted<BR>into a Oracle database using a insert statement. I&#039;m using VBscript. How do I extract the data from the HTML table and pass<BR>the data to ASP so the Insert can be done. Both cell data of each row are required for they are the index to the Oracle table. The user enters the data on the HTML page.<BR>

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    Default He enters data into controls..yes??

    &#062;How do I extract the data from the HTML table and pass<BR>&#062;the data to ASP so the Insert can be done<BR>just submit the page and get the data from the erquest object<BR><BR><BR><BR>sorry but can you explain what you have an issue with again<BR><BR>

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    Default How did you NAME the input fields... the HTML table/form?<BR><BR>What does your ASP code look like so far?<BR><BR>This is one of the very most basic of ASP operations, covered in early chapters in all ASP books and online several places, so we don&#039;t understand what you are having problems with. My *hunch* is that it is with the naming of the &#060;FORM&#062; fields.<BR><BR>

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