I&#039;m in the throws of creating a web service that returns html to the client to display a web page. I&#039;ve got it working fine so far. However, I want to different variations of the code I return (templates). At the moment I call class that I have created as an asmx file from the server, which contains a method called IndexPage which returns my code. I want to send a variable with the method to determine which template to return. This I can do. Now I could in this method just do a select case, but I am worried that if this project grows to include hundreds of templates that this could affect performace, which leads to my first question. Am I right that including a select case with hundreds of templates could affect performace?<BR><BR>If so, is there any way of me creating a seperate dll or asmx file for each template. I currently call the method like this:<BR><BR><BR>objTemplatePage = New TemplatePage()<BR>strOpenHTML = objTemplatePage.IndexPage()<BR><BR>What I was thinking of, and I am not sure if I can do is to call the New TemplatePage by it&#039;s Template number so I can read in a number from the querystring i.e. 01 and then call it like this:<BR><BR>objTemplatePage = New TemplatePage01()<BR>strOpenHTML = objTemplatePage.IndexPage()<BR><BR>Is that possible? Or is there a better way of doing this?<BR>I want to keep the code as clean as possible so unless it really wont affect performance I would prefer to keep each template to their own class file which would be named accordingly i.e. TemplatePage01.dll, TemplatePage02.dll.<BR><BR>Appreciate some thoughts<BR><BR>Lloyd