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    the paging naviagtion is fine but could you help me with the format i want it to be displayed in?<BR>i want the paging to be displayed as follows:<BR>&#060;PREVIOUS[text box editable][total records][GO button]NEXT&#062;<BR>The functionality is:<BR>1.when i click on PREVIOUS i go to previous page(but obvious :))<BR>2.same for NEXT<BR>3.the TEXTBOX is provided for adding page number<BR>4.TOTAL RECORDS display the nn editable text with total number of records.<BR>5. the GO button when clicked must take me to the page provided by user in the TEXTBOX.<BR><BR>is such sort of thing possible in datagrid paging?can i add textbox and Buttons from my code behind in the PAGER aprt of DataGrid?<BR>can anyone help me out with the same<BR>thnkx<BR><BR><BR>cheers

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    Default Try the .NET forum <eop>


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