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Thread: Looping throught database tables

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    Default Looping throught database tables

    Does anyone know a way of looping through all the tables in a database after a connection to the database has been made. I need to do this for the administrator page within my site.<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Andy

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    Default use sysobjects table

    select all the records in the sysobject table in your database where xtype = &#039;u&#039;<BR><BR>SELECT name FROM sysobjects WHERE xtype = &#039;u&#039; <BR><BR>which happen to be all the table objects in your database..<BR><BR>and then you can put them in an array, and loop on that array;<BR>sending the table name stored in each item to use that table in the way you want.<BR><BR>i know it wasn&#039;t much of an answer..but this is what i got ..i hope you benifit of it :( ... :D

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