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Thread: Delete every think into a DB???

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    Let me explain I have this shopping sytem I am building and when customers start a card it give tyhem an unic ID number and start to add the item they want into a table very fast I notised that some people start but never finish and I&#039;m stuck with all this info in my DB so I woundered about creating a script that will check how many people are on the site righ now if = 1 then run the script that will delete every think into that table exept the item with the user ID of the guy right now on the site if the vistors are more then 1 them do noting wait until only one guy is their.<BR><BR>do you think it is possible?

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    Its a bit elaborate and probably wont work 100% of the time. How about adding a date/time to the record of when the shopper began then periodically delete any records say over 12/24 hours old? You may be able to then allow users to return to their &#039;carts&#039; within a certain amount of time.

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