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    daniel prager Guest

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    hello,<BR><BR>i am developing a web interface for a ms access database (as i&#039m sure many of you have) and i&#039ve run into an apparent limitation of ADO, perhaps someone can help. i&#039ve used column names that are abbreviations of the kind of data they hold. <BR><BR>for instance:<BR>SecHomTelNum for Second Home Telephone Number<BR>FavICFlv for Favorite Ice Cream Flavor<BR><BR>this was ok for a while, but now i&#039m adding form validation, and i&#039d like to avoid creating a unique error message for each required field. (the validatoin is set up using javascript so that form fields that are required have a "req=true" added into the form properties (e.g. &#060;input=text req=true size = 20 name=SomeFrmNm&#062;) the reason this works easily is because i have ASP functions create the form, and the javascript checks for (document.formname.elements[i].req == "true" ) to block form submission. ) <BR><BR>so when i alert the user that they need to fill in required fields, i need an extended field name in oder for the user to know which field to fill in. one way i thought this could be accomplished would be to add captions in MS access but i don&#039t know how to access these through ASP/ADO.<BR><BR>any help is greatly appreciated, either a way to read captions or an altogether different method to accomplish this<BR><BR>many thanks,<BR>daniel<BR>dlprager@students.wisc.edu

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    Scott S Guest

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    I know you can add captions to the fields through SQL statements, & you can pass those to ADO to get your data.<BR> <BR>say for instance your Field names are seclvl & depnam in a table called Security Table, if you wanted to add the captions of Security Level & Department Name you&#039d do this:<BR><BR>select [Security Level]=seclvl, [Department Name]=depnam from securitytable<BR><BR>would display:<BR><BR>Security Level Department Name<BR>----------------------------------------<BR>somedatafield1 somedatafield2 <BR>somedatafeild1 somedatafield2 <BR><BR>Hope that helps,

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    Scott S Guest

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    by the way i tested that SQL Statement on a SQL Server 7.0, on access you may need to modify the syntax slightly, i dont know for sure.

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