I am looking for a solution for taking info entered into a form on the web that sends it&#039s data to an MS Access database, but would like it to be able to do some lookups based on critera entered by the user and then replace "bookmarks" in a text file that is formated (like a contract, etc), and email that form to a recipient that was also a lookup in the database. I have done it as a CDOnts.dll newmail directly from the form, but I need to have some "formated" text that gets "variables" replaced, and the emails that I see sent via the cdonts.dll newmail, are like old FormMail.cgi emails, drab... <BR><BR>The reason for "scheduled" is so that "followup" emails can be sent out at certain dates, using a different body for the email with similar info, and I would need to update a field in the database changing an indicator (like a 0 to a 1) so that it is know what email was sent out (and even record when it was sent too).<BR><BR><BR>Any ideas?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Bill