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    Using IIS6 and just ASP.<BR>Is there a way to protect files from being accessed via the address bar.<BR><BR>I want people to click a link which will display the file, what I don&#039;t want people to do is type or something to that effect.<BR><BR>Is it possible to have these files list outside my domain area on the server, which I have full access to, but still access them via my pages.<BR><BR><BR>wwwroot<BR> _hiddendoc<BR> mywebsite<BR><BR>Hope you can follow what I mean, in IIS I point my site to wwwrootmywebsite, but I still want to get files from _hiddendoc.<BR><BR>Failing all of this, is there a way to mask the address being displayed<BR>

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    Default <SHRUG>Sure, but...

    ...a lot more work.&#060;/SHRUG&#062;<BR><BR>You can serve up *any* file on your computer by using an ADODB.Stream object, loading it from the absolute file path, and then Response.BinaryWrite&#039;ing it out to the browser.<BR><BR>But then you&#039;d want to do it via something like:<BR><BR>or<BR><BR>or similar.<BR><BR>But if just anybody can get the files, anyway, what&#039;s the point of the paranoia? (Different, of course, if you only want [say] logged-in users to get the files.)<BR><BR><BR>

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