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    Default One for the people who really know what ASP is abo

    I have a big problem with VB6. At the moment, i&#039m working on my own component. To show you what the problem exactly is, take a look at this example:<BR><BR>&#060;!VARIABLE:strName!&#062;<BR> <BR>Now, the string you see here comes from a database-table. What i want is to create a variable called strName in the component, and place the value instead of the placeholder you see above. The big problem here is that &#039strName&#039 in the placeholder is just a string. <BR><BR>First, i tried to use EVAL and EXECUTE, but that isn&#039t possible because they aren&#039t supported by VB6 (or any other referenced component).<BR><BR>Is there someone here who either knows how to get access to EVAL and EXECUTE in VB6 or how to place the variable in the placeholder, please let me know. I&#039m desperate!!!

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    This might be a dumb question but is there any reason you can&#039t just use a straight forward replace function?<BR><BR>ie. sStringWithValues=Replace(msSource,"&#060;!VARIABL E:strName!&#062;",strName)<BR><BR>VB doesn&#039t support an Eval function. If your component needs to be completely generic I would suggest holding your (VB) data in a collection where each item key has been set to the corresponding variable name.<BR><BR>regards, Steve<BR><BR>regards, Steve<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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