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    Default FTP uploading through HTML

    In order speed up multiple file uploading I want my HTML page to have FTP upload facility ( the file would vary from few kbs to few mbs/gbs). <BR><BR>I don&#039;t want any component which will run on the server ( which I&#039;ve already tried and not satisfied). If the component can be embedded into HTML page itself then it would be better.<BR><BR>Any valuable workaround is appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanx.<BR><BR>RAJ.

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    Default I doubt there is one that...

    ...you can incorporate into HTML only. That&#039;s why there are so many FTP clients out there that do this job from the client. If you don&#039;t want your users to have to deal with FTP, then you have to write your own little ActiveX control that does it, and you have to set up an FTP server that will receive the files and deal with them, so you&#039;ll have to do some work on the server in any case.<BR><BR>What component did you try and what problems did you have with it? Maybe it&#039;s neither the HTTP upload or the FTP that are at fault. Maybe your server is just very slow, or your the connection of your client is.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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