Hi,<BR><BR>I am working on creating a pop window that contains two drop down menus. One for the month and the other for the year. I have a folder that contains a number of htm files. The files are saved with the middle portion of the url containing the date as, for example, "200405" (ie May of 2004). When the user selects the month and year on the pop up window, an image is clicked to proceed to the next step. <BR><BR>Now, my problem is that, when I click on the "go" image, I need to open up a new window with the url of the saved html files. I have written the asp code and javascript code for it. I need to retrieve the month and year as a combined date(which should matthe naming convention of the htm files), and pass them from the asp code into the javascript function. The .js function should be appending the date in the middle of the partly hard-coded url. How can we pass asp variables into a javascript function? What I have so far is:<BR><BR>str= request.querystring("cboYear") & request.querystring("cboMonth")<BR><BR>javascript: setFieldValue("&str&");<BR><BR>response.write "&#060;script language=javascript&#062;"<BR>response.write "function setFieldValue(strDate){"<BR>response.write "window.open(&#039;http://nss.int.westgroup.com/TFScoreCard/Archive/&#039; + strDate + &#039;/SLAScorecardTF/tfslaperformance/tfslaperformance.htm&#039;);"<BR>response.write "window.close();"<BR>response.write "}"<BR>response.write "&#060;/script&#062;"<BR><BR><BR>I am kinda new to this particular concept.I need urgent help in this issue. Thanks in advance.