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    Hi,<BR><BR>When I write the following:<BR><BR>&#060;%= DateSerial(Month(date),Day(date),Year(date))%&#062 ;<BR><BR>the returned value is 9/25/2015. Can anyone explain what I&#039;m doing wrong? My goal is to compare today&#039;s date with the last time a form was submitted. Thanks-

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    Default Read the docs...

    ...on DateSerial again!<BR><BR>There is ONLY ONE order that you can specify the arguments in.<BR><BR>HINT: It is *NOT* DateSerial( month, day, year )<BR><BR>Bigger HINT: It *is* DateSerial( year, month, day )<BR><BR>Interesting result you got.<BR><BR>You were, effectively, giving DateSerial a value of<BR> year = 10<BR> month = 4<BR> day = 2004<BR><BR>Can you figure out why you got the results you did, from that?<BR><BR>HINT: Read the docs.<BR><BR>

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