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    I am constantly creating web applications that are sold to a number of clients. Each client usually has a few changes in the application. IE. logo, buttons, a couple asp pages. I am finding that updating these multiple versions of "pretty much" the same site is a nightmare!! I am just wondering if anyone has come across a piece of software that would help me out. I've tryed CVS, but it seems to be more helpful in just versioning the software for archiving and rolling-back errors, rather then keeping separate files for separate client versions and at the same time updating the core application. Any ideas?

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    Default Why do you need software? It...

    ...should be a simple matter of making the core read in from settings files, or a simple matter of replacing one GIF/JPEG with another. Why do you have a different version of your code for each client? I think if you re-program is slightly, you only need to keep one copy of your code and then just have different sets of settings and image files for each client. That shouldn&#039;t be too hard.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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