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    Hello , I have a Combo Box on a ASP form . <BR>I want to let the user select more than the first letter for fast access to the record.<BR>Right now , if i type the letter "O", it goes to the record that start with O , but if i type the next letter B, it goes to the record that start with B instead of BO.<BR><BR>Thank you for your help

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    Default That's how HTML is *supposed* to work.

    If you type the letter "O" it will go to first &#060;OPTION&#062; to start with "O". But if you type *another* "O" then it will go to the *next* record to start with "O". Etc.<BR><BR>Can you change this? Yes, with difficulty. Especially if you want it to work in all browsers, it will take a lot of work. And then people who are accustomed to the HTML *standard* way of doing things will be frustrated by your changes. <BR><BR>This is a no-win situation. If I were you, I&#039;d leave things alone.<BR><BR>

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