hello, <BR>I am having problems trying to figure out how to find items that are not in a pattern. <BR><BR>for instance.<BR><BR>I have a list of EXE&#039;s for my pattern. (explorer.exe&#124calc.exe) etc.. I want to compare the text passed to the expression to find any exe&#039;s that are not in the pattern. <BR><BR>to further demonstrate. <BR><BR>objRegExp.Pattern="(c:\winnt\system32\(?!e xplorer.exe))"<BR><BR>response.write objRegExp.Replace(strText,"&#060;span style=""color:purple;""&#062;$1&#060;/span&#062;")<BR><BR>I think this is right but I would like to change the color of the exe only or the entire string.. I&#039;m not sure what I&#039;m missing. <BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated .. thanks :)