Can MS Access handle the pressure?

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Thread: Can MS Access handle the pressure?

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    Bjorn Borresen Guest

    Default Can MS Access handle the pressure?

    &nbsp;<BR>Hello,<BR><BR>I&#039m running a "news" site, with aprox. 1000 hits on my frontpage a day. I&#039m thinking of putting all the news in a database (MS access) and always display the freshest news on the frontpage. However, will an Access/ASP combination handle the pressure? will it be slow? And what happens when my site gets 3000 - 5000 visitors a day?<BR><BR>- Bjorn Borresen

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    Scott S Guest

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    It all depends on how many concurrent users you will have. 5000 users/day averages out to 4 or so per minute this access could handle however your viewers will not spread themselves out so evenly. you could have 1000&#039s some hours & 10s another. this access could not handle. I would suggest going to MS SQL Server or another Commercial Database System. You&#039ll find that MS SQL Server is actually easier to code as you can use Stored Procedures to handle database access (this makes the code faster as stored procedures are compiled & more modular). <BR><BR>Scott S<BR>

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