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    is there any statement like "goto" in C language, in ASP? means can u jump abruptly in code using ASP?

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    Default In C? No, there isn't. In ASP? ...

    ...No, neither VBScript nor JScript allow you to do a GOTO. These days you use If statements to only execute code when necessary or functions/sub routines to execute code as and when needed.<BR><BR>Why do you need a GOTO?<BR><BR>Oliver.

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    Default Thank goodness, answer is NO!

    And if you use GOTO in C programming and worked for me, I&#039;d probably fire you.<BR><BR>[Okay, okay...there are a *handful* of uses for goto. But I would bet that in 25 years of programming in C and C++ I have only used "goto" maybe 3 times. And could have avoided it even those 3 times, I&#039;m sure, if I&#039;d wanted/needed to.]<BR><BR>

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