Error with accessing HTML/ASP files?????

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Thread: Error with accessing HTML/ASP files?????

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    I’m having trouble accessing/running my html/asp pages. Here is what I did:<BR><BR>I have a Win2000 Professional machine. I installed the IIS Component. I created a Virtual Directory using the Microsoft SQL Server/Configure SQL XML Support In IIS program(SQL IIS Admin.MSC) . The name of the Virtual Directory is called TechTunes (http://localhost/TechTunes). For this directory I created a Virtual Name called ‘template’ and associated the type to ‘template’. The virtual directory/virtual name is associated with a physical sub-directory under C:Inetpubwwwroot . <BR><BR>I then created an xml file and put it in the Virtual Name directory. This xml file has a SQL query in it. When I run this in the browser, http://localhost/TechTunes/template/template_customers.xml, it runs the query and returns the result set in xml format. However when I put an html/asp file under the same virtual directory or virtual name directory, I get the following error:<BR><BR>The page cannot be found – HTTP 400.<BR><BR>I know the file exists and I double checked that the file is located in the physical directory that is associated with the Virtual Directory.<BR><BR>Why can it find the xml file and run it, but when trying to display the html/asp file I get the above error.<BR><BR>Now, here is my second scenario:<BR><BR>If I create the same Virtual Directory by first deleting the one I created using ‘Configure SQL XML Support In IIS’ and then re-creating it using Microsoft Management Console (iis.msc), I’m able to run html/asp files. However, then I’m not able to run the same xml I mentioned above.<BR><BR>What is causing these errors from occurring?<BR><BR><BR>

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    I don&#039;t think you should be using the SQL/XML support option. really.

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