I’m having some issues getting my asp app to work on IIS 6.0. I have narrowed down the issue to the IWAM account not authenticating across the network. I can traverse across the network and I can read across the network in some cases (I can display images that reside on another server). However when I try to use FSO or other third party COM objects accross the network the app fails. I can get FSO to work locally. <BR><BR>I have been using FSO for testing because ‘800 runtime errors are easier to trace the third stuff.<BR><BR>When I try the CopyFile method using a mapped path Y:anyfolderanyfile.ext I get “800a0035 File not found”<BR><BR>When I try a working virtual directory. .Serverfolderfile.ext I get <BR>“800a004c Path not found”<BR><BR>When I try a UNC path \ServerNameFolderFile.ext I get <BR>“8007052e Logon failure” <BR><BR>I have tried getting the IWAM password from the metabase and adding the IWAM account to the domain and then to the “Everyone group”. I know this would not be the preferred method but it did not work anyway.<BR><BR>Tried setting the Application Pool identity to a user on the domain.<BR><BR>Tried setting IIS to use IIS5x processing.<BR><BR>I’m at a loss at this point and would be grateful for any resources you might have to offer.<BR><BR>Brian<BR>