In Visual Studio.Net 2003 i have created a data grid and included a button column. When i include a linkbutton all is well. through the code behind page i can access the e.item.index of the button pressed which is cool.. however when i change the button type to a push button i can no longer retrieve the button&#039;s index. Bonkers!! pushing the button posts the form back the the aspx page but does not display my response.write.. here is some code to help!<BR><BR>public void test(object sender, DataGridCommandEventArgs e)<BR>{<BR> Response.Write(e.Item.ItemIndex);<BR>}<BR><BR>if this is a bug then i can live with it but this works using vb, so it should work in theory!!<BR><BR>Please can you let me know what might as this has really put a bee in my bonnet!! thanks