I&#039;m currently planning a project that I was going to get some .net developers to work on and I could do with some thoughts on how it would work best and potential pitfalls. <BR><BR>I want to have a bunch of template files located on my server so that other sites on the server can access and display them. However the other sites will need to have their own content inserted into the pages i.e. news etc from a database stored in their folder.<BR>There are two options to it<BR>1. Files are stored on the same server, which I guess would cut down on any performance problems.<BR>2. Files are not stored on the same server, which I know may cause problems if my server is offline, but can this be done and is a hugely different process to option one?<BR><BR>I&#039;d REALLY appreciate some thoughts, the developers tell me it can be done if all the file are in a central repository but I can&#039;t think how and don&#039;t know if the performance of accessing the files will be a nightmare.