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    Hi All,<BR><BR>I wonder if anyone knows how to create a custom error 404 page - or is it possible to do?<BR>After discussing with the web space provider, it appears that they do not have any defaults like that in place.<BR>A lot of our search engine links are out of date due to pages being moved around. <BR>Can i create some files put them in the root directory and get them to redirect to the appropriate areas? instead of seeing "Page Not Found".<BR><BR>Thanks all.<BR><BR>

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    Custom error pages are set in IIS manager on a site-by-site basis. Assuming your WSP set up your site as a virtual directory -- which most do -- they need only go into IIS Manager, get the properties for your directory, click on the "custom errors" tab and then specify the path(s) to the error page(s) you want to create, on the basis of the error response (i.e., 404-1, 500-9, etc.)

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