Is there a way to order a result set from an XQuery?<BR><BR>This is what I have:<BR><BR><BR> Dim col As New XQueryNavigatorCollection()<BR> col.AddNavigator(Server.MapPath("BLOG.xml"), "BLOG")<BR><BR> Dim query As String<BR> query = "&#060;result&#062; {for $x in document(""BLOG"")//item " & _<BR> "where $x/@topic = ""price"" " & _<BR> "return $x " & _<BR> " }&#060;/result&#062;"<BR><BR> Dim expr As New XQueryExpression(query)<BR> Dim rawXML As String = (expr.Execute(col)).ToXml()<BR><BR>This XQuery gives me an xml document. I want to sort the resulting xml (nodes by an item attribute "author"<BR><BR>I have tried using SORTBY after the return but get an error!<BR>(-- sortby(title descending) --)<BR><BR>Anyone have any ideas?